MasterClass is an online learning platform that allows you to take classes from some of the biggest names in the business.

What big names? Gordon Ramsay, Samuel L. Jackson, Judy Blume, Natalie Portman — and the list gets bigger every month. Each class comprises video lessons (with excellent production quality) and a workbook. It’s go-at-your-own-pace.

It’s an entertaining, educational platform where celebrities teach you their craft.

With MasterClass, you’re paying for the experience of being taught by a celebrity. It’s something no other platform has.

But, in all honesty, some celebrities are much better teachers than others. While the production value and entertainment value of each class is high, not every class taught me a lot.

You need to be aware of that. MasterClass isn’t strictly education. It’s “edutainment.”

Think of it as an educating alternative to Netflix.

Why you can trust this review

Here’s why you can trust this review: because I’m not going to tell you that MasterClass is perfect.

Most reviews will pretend to review a platform like MasterClass, but then at the end, they’ll say “it’s totally worth it.”

Here’s the secret: it may not be worth it for you.

You can trust my review, because I am telling you upfront:

  • Who will like MasterClass – There are people who will definitely use and love MasterClass
  • Who will not like MasterClass (spoiler: if you’re looking to learn some hard skills, it won’t be for you)
  • The pros and cons of MasterClass
  • If MasterClass is worth your money.

Full disclosure: for some of you, MasterClass won’t be worth your money.

I want to help you find that out before you pull the trigger.

Is MasterClass worth your money?

When I first went to sign up for MasterClass, I was surprised at how affordable it is. $180 for the year. Given that the instructors are all celebrities in their field, I thought the price would be a lot higher.

Sure, $180 isn’t cheap. But it’s $15 a month. That’s less than the Netflix premium plan! And it’s way less than you’ll pay for many online education platforms or even going to take a single college class in person. Highly rated MasterClass Promo Codes, Coupons plus special offers, deals, etc. Save big with these coupon codes, Copy the MasterClass coupon code, buy now, save more

Considering you get access to over 100 classes, filled with video lessons, workbooks, and discussion boards, $180 is competitive.

So yes, I think MasterClass is worth the money.

How MasterClass works

Taking a MasterClass is very intuitive. Once you log in, you can navigate to the Discover tab to see curated courses (ones recommended for you), or simply go to the Library tab to see every course by category.

Click on the course you like to get started. It’s that easy.

Most courses have 20 to 25 video lessons. You can also download worksheets and other items to help you learn alongside the instructor.

The video lessons can be watched at your own pace. They are relatively short, so you will never be overwhelmed with the information and anecdotes of the instructors. You don’t need to commit to watching anything for hours at a time — unlike other education platforms.

You can expect the following from a typical MasterClass course:

  • Video lessons from the celebrity teacher. Most classes have around 2 to 5 hours of video content in total
  • Course notes on each video summarizing the key points
  • Additional reading resources
  • A space to log down your own notes
  • Access to the community. You can join discussions, share your own work, and connect with other students taking this class (however, as I discuss below, this feature of MasterClass wasn’t appealing to me).

You can take as many MasterClasses as you’d like at any given time. Binge, browse, and repeat lessons at your own pace.

Who is Masterclass for?

MasterClass is for creative types looking to get their creative juices flowing!

Most of the courses teach you a creative skill – such as photography, writing, or filmmaking. If you’re looking to brush up on your novel-writing skills, then Salman Rushdie’s writing class is perfect for you.

MasterClass is also great for people who want to know more about the teachers + celebrities on the platform. Each class tries to strike a balance between documentary about the teacher and lessons the teacher provides. Many classes (particularly the cooking and writing ones) do a great job keeping the lessons front-and-center.

Others, like the Jeff Koons class on art, are about 50-50.

Then, others still, like the Alicia Keys class on music production, are completely dedicated to the teacher and don’t provide any actionable lessons for the students. I did not like that class.

But, if you’re a curious creative who doesn’t mind learning about your teachers and gaining some new creative skills, then MasterClass will be a good platform for you.

Who is MasterClass not for?

Masterclass is not for someone who is looking for live instruction or education that’s accredited.

These classes are all pre-recorded, and don’t offer Q&A sessions or 1 on 1 lessons. You won’t be interacting directly with the instructor.

MasterClass is also not for someone who is hoping to use these classes to replace college-level courses. These aren’t accredited courses and shouldn’t be confused with them.

Additionally, MasterClass isn’t great for people trying to learn hard skills or professional skills. You’re not going to learn how to use excel (admit it, none of us really know how to use excel) on MasterClass. If you’re looking for something to add to your resume, MasterClass might leave you unsatisfied.

Lastly, it’s also not for people who don’t want to learn. Yes, the classes are entertaining and some of the lessons are a joy to watch, but I think the main attraction of MasterClass is to learn new things.

And learning requires a bit of effort.

So is MasterClass worth it in 2022?

Me personally? I love MasterClass. But that’s because I’m a creative type who likes listening to important thinkers in a bunch of different fields.

MasterClass, in 2022, is bigger than ever, with more classes by an even more diverse array of teachers. More women and minority teachers have joined the platform. I’m excited to check out Niki Nakayama’s class on Modern Japanese cooking!

MasterClass is more relevant for people looking for inspiration or a springboard to further pursue their own creativity. You get an insider’s feel of what it takes to be successful — and there are numerous ways you can apply these teachings in your own life.

Is MasterClass worth it for you in 2022?

If you are looking to get some intimate, behind-the-curtain looks at some top thinkers and celebrities and you want to learn from these great minds, then yes, you’ll really like MasterClass.

Is there a premium tier for MasterClass?

Yes! Now, MasterClass has two higher tiers called plus and premium.

With plus, 2 devices can access MasterClass at the same time. This costs $240 a year.

With premium, you get 6 devices. It costs $276.

In my experience, most users will be best off with the standard, $180 plan, but your mileage may vary.